Food-grade soybeans
 Grain picture
Grain width: N/A
Grain height: N/A


Main usage

  • Miso
  • Soy Sauce
  • Tempeh
Seed Composition
Protein N/A
Total sugar N/A
Suchrose N/A
Stachyose N/A
Moisture N/A
Seed color N/A
Oil color N/A
Weight hundred seeds% N/A
HunterLab Color N/A
Soaking Analysis
Sample weight N/A
Dry matter (DM) N/A
Water Uptake Factor (as-is) N/A
Water Uptake Factor (DM basis) N/A
Tofu analysis
Yeild (Protein basis) N/A
Yeild (DM basis) N/A
Boiling test N/A
HunterLab Color N/A
Soy Beverage Analysis
HunterLab Color N/A
Brix N/A

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