XTENDIMAX - The next step in weed control

February 26, 2019

XtendiMax™ herbicide with VaporGrip™ Technology is a low-volatility liquid dicamba formulation developed for use in the Roundup Ready® Xtend Crop System.

The next step in weed control – with VaporGrip™ Technology

Helps manage weed resistance by controlling glyphosate resistant weeds

Post-emergence control of glyphosate resistant Canada fleabane in Roundup Ready 2 Xtend™ soybeans. Source: 2015 University of Guelph trials, Ridgetown, ON.

Reduces early weed competition through short-term residual control

Residual control of broadleaf weeds. Picture taken at 14 days after planting. Source: 2015 Monsanto Centre of Xcellence, Oakville, MB.


In older dicamba formulations, dicamba ions (Dc- ) are present in solution, combine with free hydrogen ions (H+) to form volatile dicamba acid (DCH) VaporGrip™ Technology prevents dicamba ions (Dc- ) from combining with hydrogen ions (H+), significantly reducing volatility.


Annual broadleaf weeds:

Canada fleabane1,2, cleavers, common lamb’squarters, common ragweed1 , corn spurry, cow cockle, giant ragweed1 , green smartweed, kochia1,6, lady’s-thumb, pigweed (redroot, Russian, smooth), velvetleaf, wild buckwheat, wild mustard

Perennial weeds3 :

Sow-thistle, field bindweed, Canada thistle

Short-term residual control4 of tough weeds when applied at 0.7L/ac:

Common lamb’s-quarters, common ragweed1 , redroot pigweed, velvetleaf5 , wild buckwheat

Always tank-mix this product with Roundup WeatherMAX® or Roundup Transorb® HC when using it in the Roundup Ready Xtend Crop System. This system will also control weeds listed on the Roundup WeatherMAX or Roundup Transorb HC labels.

1Including glyphosate resistant populations; 2 Post-emergence application only; 3 Apply annually for three years;
4 Up to 14 days residual control; 5 Suppression only; 6 Control demonstrated in Monsanto TD trials

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