Organic soybeans – Our varieties

We ensure quality control throughout the soybean production cycle, and we guarantee compliance with the standards of various certifications. In recent years, we have positioned ourselves as a major player in the organic soybean market in North America.

Thanks to our organic production agreement and our varieties’ excellent performance, we have built a network of reliable customers abroad who appreciate Prograin’s organic soybean varieties. Our certifications demonstrate Prograin’s compliance with standards specific to the production, preparation, and distribution of organic food.

Do fu pi Tofu Yuba


 Grain picture
 Grain picture


Number of seeds 5 200 - 5 600
Grain width: 6,80
Grain height: 5,80
Hilium Color yellow


Dry Base Protein 44,2%
Oil 20,5%
Total sugar 9,8%
Stachyose 3,5%
Organic Quali-Pro Organic Quali-Pro
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