Do you have any questions? Here is a list of frequently discussed topics.

Q. What is the best variety of soybean?

A. The best variety of soybeans is determined based on your farm objectives, your geographic area, and the type of soil in which the soybeans will be planted. Your representative will help you make the best choice for your needs.

Q. When is the best time for planting soybeans?

A. Our agronomists recommend planting the seeds once the soil temperature has reached 10°C (or higher) and once the conditions are suitable for machinery and the risks of frost are eliminated.

Q. Why do some soybean varieties have green stems at harvest time?

A. The stems of some varieties remain alive and healthy longer in season, and that is, until harvesting. Patience is required in such cases. Your representative and our experts can help you determine the ideal conditions for combining and getting the best possible harvest.

Q. Is it necessary to respect the recommended seeding rates?

A. To achieve optimal yield, our experts have determined seeding rates meant to provide optimal field population for each soybean variety based on factors such as plant physiology, growing season, and row spacing.

Q. Why use certified seeds?

A. Certified seeds offer several benefits. In general, they offer full traceability as well as better resistance to pests and diseases. They also guarantee varietal purity, a specific germination rate, and superior quality. As a matter of fact, all seed production fields must be inspected before harvest.

Q. Can conventional soybeans be planted in fields used for GMO soybean production the previous year?

A. No. Planting conventional (non-GMO) soybeans in fields used for GMO soybeans the previous year involves a high risk of contamination. It is generally not recommended to plant soybeans in the same field for two consecutive years.

Q. Do variety premiums for soybeans intended for human consumption change throughout the year?

A. No. Prograin’s premiums awarded for each of the varieties intended for human consumption are set for an entire year.

Q. What does “unstained soybean” refer to exactly?

A. Soybeans are accepted up to slightly stained. Only a certified grader can provide an opinion on the general appearance of the crops to be delivered. If in doubt, do not hesitate to take a sample and contact one of Prograin’s authorized representatives for advice. The representative will be able to check with one of our graders.

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