Prograin experts

Our seed sales team relies on experienced specialists and agronomists to support our company’s distribution network.

Feel free to contact a member of our team at any stage of your production, from seeding to harvest. We’ll be happy to help you!


Field preparation, planting depth, seeder calibration, recommended varieties, seeding density, etc.


We can help you properly identify and control pathogens and disrupting elements, such as the most common soybean diseases, harmful insects, and weeds.

Our team will be pleased to guide you so that you can better understand the factors that contribute to their development and discover the various ways to control them or reduce their impact.


The quality and appearance of the harvest are paramount for buyers of soybeans intended for human consumption. Harvesting is one of the most crucial steps that need to be monitored to obtain grade #1 soybeans.

We make available documents containing relevant information on soybean harvesting. Feel free to contact us to obtain them.


Storage of soybean crops brings benefits for producers. However, to obtain and maintain the quality of the soybeans even after several months in silos, several essential criteria must be met.

Our team can help you to understand the ventilation and drying processes.

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