Characteristics of the variety
Days to maturity* N/A
Hilum colour N/A
Pubescence colour N/A
Flower colour N/A
Number of seeds/kg N/A
Protein % N/A
* Days to maturity counted in its adaptation zone
Field performance
Plant type N/A
Plant height N/A
Resistance gene to Phytophthora N/A
Resistance gene to the Soybean Cyst Nematode (SCN) N/A
Metribuzin tolerance N/A
Seeding rate and populations according to row spacing (number of seeds per metre)
7 in / 18 cm N/A bags/ha
N/A seeds/ha
N/A seeds/m
15 in / 38 cm N/A bags/ha
N/A seeds/ha
N/A seeds/m
30 in / 75 cm N/A bags/na
N/A seeds/ha
N/A seeds/m

Plot results

No plot result has been found