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Should I Roll My Soybeans?

June 12, 2024
Land rolling is a practice that evens out the field and prepares it for harvesting in the fall. A roller is used to push rocks into the soil and break up dirt clods or root balls, and to smooth the seed bed. Soybean rolling is usually done either before or after seeding, but in this […]

Everything You Need to Know About Soybean Populations

May 29, 2024
Now that producers are almost finished or done seeding their soybeans, it's time to take a look at the emergence success, or the number of plants that emerged in relation to seeds planted. Here are some tips to help you get an optimal yield!

Impacts of Heavy Rains on Soybeans

April 30, 2024
In spring and fall, heavy rains are common and can occasionally result in saturated and even flooded soybean fields.  At such times, plants are more susceptible to delayed emergence and slower growth, in addition to being at greater risk of disease. In this article, we explore the factors that influence rainfall impacts on soybeans, as […]

Understanding the Basics of Soybean Closing Prices

November 1, 2023
After rain comes sun, and after the harvest comes the time to sell your soybeans. As a soybean grower, you probably know everything there is to know about your seeds and which techniques yield the best crops. But do you know how your soybean crop’s cash price is established? Keep reading to learn more about […]

Inspecting and Optimizing Bins

November 1, 2023
Now that we’ve determined how to adequately aerate and dry soybeans, we must proceed to inspect and optimize. Methods and guidelines will vary depending on the season. Here’s a brief overview of the best practices throughout the year. Fall It is very important to level the grain in the silo before starting the ventilation process […]

Calculate your Cost of Production to Improve your Profitability

October 25, 2023
Calculate your Cost of Production (COP) makes it easier to understand and manage your business and can help with decision-making. According to a survey of Canadian producers, only 65 % of farms are likely to analyze their profitability; yet there is a noticeable trend towards indebtedness, higher interest rates, and overspending. The benefits of calculating […]

How we Select our Varieties

October 10, 2023
New Prograin varieties are developed by Sylvain Legay (selector) and his team at our research farm. The process of selection involves identifying the best plants among the many that are grown, according to the traits that are most sought after by our customers! It all starts with a cross… The cross is a mix of […]

Soybean Ventilation and Drying

October 5, 2023
Soybean quality is highly dependent on how well they were ventilated and dried. These factors are critical to safeguarding the processing and germination potential of domestically grown soybeans. Soybeans can be dried either at a low temperature or with ambient air. Let's take a look at both options! Low-temperature drying When soybeans are damp (> […]

Pre-Harvest Combine Adjustments

September 21, 2023
Part 1 A combine-harvester that is optimally adjusted will improve its efficiency, reduce field losses and maximize the chances of obtaining a good quality harvest. In this first in a series of two blog posts, we offer our best tips for a successful harvest in 2022! Key adjustments Header Make sure the knives (blades) of […]

Tips on Identifying Threshing/Harvesting Losses

September 19, 2023
Part 2 It is not uncommon for the combine harvester to leave grain behind. The loss percentage still needs to be measured to determine whether or not the machinery needs adjustments. In this second in a two-part series of blog posts, you will learn how to calculate the loss percentage and understand the source of […]