Quali-Pro Club

Quali-Pro Club – Work well done will never have been so profitable!

The Quali-Pro Club was created in 2014. It allows you to share knowledge about best practices related to conventional soybean production and to become a brand ambassador while promoting the development of tomorrow’s soybeans.

Many privileges associated with the Quali-Pro Club

  • Higher grain quality premium for Quali-Pro varieties (lien vers les semences Quali-pro)
  • Privileged access to some Prograin events:

Recognition evening
Plant visit
Certificate and Quali-Pro Club sticker for the combine
Exclusive clothing – Brand ambassador

  • Visits of our Asian market customers to your farm
  • Technical training and focus group discussions on best soybean production practices and product development
  • Priority access to the new varieties developed by Prograin, including a privileged visit of our demonstration plots
  • Various tests on a voluntary basis:

Testing of new varieties and special field trials
Profitability exercise with Quali-Pro varieties

What are the long-term advantages of joining the Club?

Members who have belonged to the Quali-Pro Club for 10 years or longer will receive a $5,000 gift certificate redeemable for an event organized by Prograin.

What are the criteria to become a member of the Quali-Pro Club?

All delivered harvest that grade as #1.

Growers and/or custom combine operators with the largest harvested acreage of Quali-Pro soybeans

Notes: Producers and combine operators must meet the criteria every single year in order to continue to be part of the Quali-Pro Club.

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