Growing the community one seed at a time

March 18, 2021

40 years ago, Prograin started out with a goal of giving back to the community. 

Originating in Saint-Cesaire, Quebec, a small town of less than 6000 people, Prograin knows firsthand how important it is for everyone in a region to support each other. They also understand farmers’ vital role in providing the community with food and other essential resources. 

Here at Prograin, our farming background means it’s in our DNA to make sure our community benefits from everything we do. Our goal is to give farmers across Canada the means to continue helping their communities, just as we’ve helped ours. 

That’s why all our seed varieties are tested on-site, to ensure they have traits that are perfectly suited to do well in specific environments. 

When seeds are specially bred to thrive in distinct climates, the crops have a better chance of producing increased yields. This means that farmers will thrive, and in turn, so will their communities. 

Aside from setting up farmers for success, Prograin has also implemented a program to give back directly. During our Pass the Buck promotion, for every unit of soybean purchased, a portion of our sales will be donated right back to the community. 

Working alongside our retailers and local communities, this initiative is a way to say thank you to our local dealers and growers for their support. 

We know that when farmers do well, their communities do well. That’s why we’ve decided to put our expertise and 40 years of on-the-ground experience directly into supporting the growth of our farmers and their communities. 

When you choose Prograin, you’re not only choosing success for yourself. You’re choosing success for your community, your country, and the world.