Final product quality

We pay special attention to the quality of the final product. With this in mind, we have implemented a unique research protocol that allows us to produce tofu on an experimental basis, in strict compliance with our customers’ standards.

We have developed unique expertise to test soy beverages and soybean sprouts. We have the equipment to perform various analyses on soybean seeds, soy beverages, and tofu, and we can perform analyses regarding:

  • Protein
  • Sugar
  • Stachyose
  • Oil
  • °Brix
  • Dry matter
  • Colours (L, a, b)
  • Water absorption rate
  • Dip test

These essential procedures contribute to the development of the best varieties for producers and helps us meet the specific demands of our buyers who transform the soybeans.

Importance of traceability

The entire Prograin team is aware that our products are intended for human consumption. Our research aims at always offering more quality, more performance, and more satisfaction.

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