Prograin’s Competitive Buyback Program for IP Growers

August 18, 2021

It’s a fact—demand for the highest quality soybean is rising steadily. 

Growing demand = a need for more product = a need for more growers 

Growing soybeans, especially for the first time, poses many challenges like learning when to seed, finding a variety that works on your land, and dealing with pests. 

Here at Prograin, we have a talented, knowledgeable team to help you get started, and a number of programs to help you along the way. 

Prograin: a deep-rooted expertise

When you work with a team that has 40 years of experience, you gain access to localized expertise from professionals doing research in your area. Thanks to this research, we’re able to provide you with varieties specifically developed to thrive in climates across the prairies. 

However, a growing market and specialized varieties don’t always guarantee security on their own. Our IP Buyback Program can help. 

A profitable and meaningful partnership

In 2020, producers who grew conventional soybeans in partnership with Prograin received an average of $70 in additional revenue per acre. 

The program establishes premium rates on a yearly basis, priced well above industry standards. We know first-hand the hard work that goes into growing soybean crops, and we want to ensure that you’re receiving the compensation you deserve. 

For these reasons, you have the freedom to set your prices whenever you want, so you know exactly what to expect come harvest. 

Quality first

Moving into the winter months, we will work with our growers to find the best solutions regarding their grain storage methods in order to maintain quality. Storage is one of the most crucial steps when moving grain, and thus deserves special attention in order to maximize your profitability. 

A story of pride and soybeans

We take pride in our ability to produce top-quality soybeans for consumers around the world, but we couldn’t reach our goals without our customers. To learn more about how our IP Buyback Program can support you and your farm, visit our Buyback program page.