Food-grade soybeans
 Grain picture
Grain width: 7.93mm
Grain height: 5.77mm


Entry-level variety with stable characteristics used in Indonesia to make tempeh.

Main usage

  • Miso
  • Soy Sauce
  • Tempeh
Seed Composition
Protein 38.5%
Total sugar 11.2%
Suchrose 7.6%
Stachyose 2.9%
Moisture 5.4%
Seed color 47.3%
Oil color N/A
Weight hundred seeds% 16.2
HunterLab Color L : 60.0 a : 7.8 b : 29.8
Soaking Analysis
Sample weight 274.6g
Dry matter (DM) 259.7g
Water Uptake Factor (as-is) 1.7g/g bean
Water Uptake Factor (DM basis) 2.5g/g bean
Tofu analysis
Yeild (Protein basis) 10.3kg tofu/kg protein
Yeild (DM basis) 4.0kg tofu/kg bean
Boiling test N/A
HunterLab Color L : a : b :
Soy Beverage Analysis
HunterLab Color N/A
Brix N/A