Employee Profile : Noémi Fontaine - Sales and Marketing Coordinator

December 21, 2021

Wondering who’s working behind the scenes at Prograin? In this article, we’ll introduce you to Noémi Fontaine, one of our valued employees. 

Hi Noémi. What do you do at Prograin and how long have you been working here? 

I have worked for Prograin for 7 years. I was a Seed Sales Assistant for 6 years and have been the Sales and Marketing Coordinator for a few months now. I am also on the company’s social committee, which tries to make sure that every employee feels like they belong.

Did you complete any specific program in order to do this job? 

No, not really. I took a secretarial class, but I’ve always worked in customer service. Before joining Prograin, I was an administrative assistant for 15 years at Dutailier.

Did you know anything about soybeans before you began working at Prograin? 

Not at all! I had never worked in the agricultural field before.

Did you know about Prograin before you began working there? 

Yes, because I’ve lived in Saint-Césaire for a long time. Believe it or not, I grew up on the same road as Prograin!

What do you think sets Prograin apart from other companies? 

The company stands out because of how much it cares about its employees and customers. I am genuinely proud to work for a Québec company like Prograin. Prograin’s owner is also a farmer, which means we really understand our customers and their needs. The company has lots of activities for employees, and that makes all the difference!

In your opinion, what words best describe Prograin’s corporate culture? 

Customer-oriented, professional and fun.

What do you like about your job? 

I love working with the customers. They’re my top priority. My team is also wonderful. I don’t know what I would do without them. Our team spirit is obvious.

What motivates you? 

My clients and anything event-related. I am responsible for organizing all of our Québec-based events. I have also discovered a real interest for marketing over the years.

What’s your biggest day-to-day challenge? 

It’s a bit hard to answer this question, but I’d say that it’s having confidence in my own ideas.

Last question: where might we see you outside of work? 

I’ve recently become passionate about river and lake kayaking in the summers. I also love to try new restaurants.

Thanks for telling us a bit about yourself, Noémi!