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Should soybeans be rolled?

April 14, 2021
Rolling soybeans is an agricultural practice that offers many benefits when performed at the right time and correctly, including increasing the maximum potential yield. In this article, our team provides information about rolling soybeans and shares some of the benefits associated with this technique, which is increasingly appealing to soybean growers.  What is rolling soybeans? […]

Early planted soybeans: some tips to find your way around

April 14, 2021
Planting soybeans ultra-early—from mid-April to the first days of May—carries some risks. However, this practice, which allows growers to extend the planting window to take advantage of good soil and weather conditions during this period can produce more than positive results when accompanied by proper precautions. In this article, our team shares some tips for […]

Is there an ideal planting depth for soybeans?

March 16, 2021
The issue of seed planting depth comes up every year with different information circulating in the industry. But does the depth at which you plant soybean seeds actually affect the yield?  Absolutely! Naturally, seed depth is important, especially since soybean seeds are more sensitive when sown too deeply. This is why it’s important to make […]

The different soybean growth stages

February 23, 2021
With the planting season coming up, we thought it would be a good time to share a simple guide on soybean growth stages! It is sure to come in handy this growing season. Germination begins when a soybean seed absorbs 50% of its weight in water. This is known as imbibition. Next up is the […]

The brown marmorated stink bug: what to expect for soybeans in 2021

February 5, 2021
Considered a new insect to Canada that will certainly be around for a while, the brown marmorated stink bug was first discovered in the Ontarian countryside in 2010. The first specimen was captured in Québec field crops more recently in 2014. Originally from Asia, this insect feeds mainly on fruit, vegetables and soybeans, and can […]

A status update on the soybean cyst nematode

January 14, 2021
While it has been commonly found in southwestern Ontario since 1988, the soybean cyst nematode (SCN) first appeared in Québec in 2013. SCN is one of the parasites causing the most damage to soybean crops in the world and can lead to a yield loss of up to 30% without visible symptoms being exhibited. While […]

Seeding rate recommendations

January 5, 2021
When getting ready for the upcoming seeding season, growers often ask our representatives what their seeding rate for the soybeans should be. Many factors influence the seeding rate, chiefly the soybean variety, expected yield, soil type, equipment used and history of disease. Here’s a guide that will shed some light on those elements.  Based on […]

Inspecting and optimizing bins

December 8, 2020
Now that we’ve determined how to adequately aerate and dry soybeans, we must proceed to inspect and optimize bins as the storage begins. Methods and guidelines will vary depending on the season. Here’s a brief overview of the best practices throughout the year. Fall It is very important to level the grain in the silo […]

Soybean aeration and drying

December 1, 2020
Soybean quality is highly dependent on how well they were aerated and dried. These factors are critical to safeguarding the processing and germination potential of domestically grown soybeans. Soybeans can be dried either at a low temperature or with ambient air. Let's take a look at both options! Low-temperature drying When soybeans are damp (> […]

Grain handling

November 6, 2020
As you know, soybeans are held to high standards to access certain niche markets. As soybeans are particularly fragile, there are certain basic ways of handling them to ensure they maintain their full potential, regardless of their final destination. Here are our 8 rules to follow: If available, use a conveyor belt to move the […]

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