Great adaptability and performance stability are key to this variety’s success

Grain picture
Tolerance to white mold
Vigour for no-till
Adaptability to 30″
  • Performs in all management systems
  • The variety that stood out in several demo plots for the past 4 years
  • A leader in its maturity zone
  • Plant in heavy or light soil
  • Prefers  7" to 15" spacing
  • Above average spring vigour
 Image du plant Medium slender
Characteristics of the variety
Days to maturity* N/A
Hilum colour Black
Pubescence colour Light brown
Flower colour Purple
Number of seeds/kg 5700 - 6300
Protein % 40 %
* Days to maturity counted in its adaptation zone
Field performance
Plant type Medium slender
Plant height Medium-tall
Resistance gene to Phytophthora Rps 1c
Resistance gene to the Soybean Cyst Nematode (SCN) Sensitive
Metribuzin tolerance Sensitive
Seeding rate and populations according to row spacing (number of seeds per metre)
7 in / 18 cm 3.57 bags/ha
500 k seeds/ha
8.8 seeds/m
15 in / 38 cm 3.32 bags/ha
465 k seeds/ha
17.4 seeds/m
30 in / 75 cm N/A bags/na
N/A seeds/ha
N/A seeds/m

Plot results

Producer City Planting date Spacing Humidity Row length Row width Row count Weight (lb) MT/acre bsh/acre Results
Vincent Demers Bethanie 2023-05-23 15” 10.7% 523’ 15” 16 882 1.71 62.85
Louis Bourassa St-Barnabé Nord 2023-05-23 12” 16.2% 896’ 12” 10 780 1.66 60.89

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