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Managing insects in soybean fields

July 22, 2020
In mid-July, there’s generally an increase in the insect population and it’s time to deal with the pests that ravage your plants’ leaves. With the dry conditions we’ve been experiencing since the beginning of the season, soybean plants that have been suffering through the heat are more susceptible to disease and insects. Plus, insect infestation […]

Fighting sclerotinia with fungicides

July 9, 2020
As flowering begins in soybean fields, it’s time to apply a fungicide proactively to protect the quality of your soybean plants and potential yield. In Québec and Ontario, sclerotinia (or white mould) is the most common disease among soybean plants, and it also causes the most economic damage. Whether it comes from your machinery, poorly […]

Factors for successful direct seeding

June 29, 2020
There are a number of advantages to direct seeding (or no-till farming), including reduced costs, significant time saved in the spring and fall, medium-term improvement to the structure and biological activity of the soil, etc. This technique is becoming increasingly popular with soybean growers. That said, it is still unadvisable to adopt new production practices […]
Early-season and residual weed control

Early-season and residual weed control in XTEND and ENLIST E3 soybean fields

June 18, 2020
New soybean production technologies boast residual weed control properties to help you manage weeds. With Roundup Ready® 2 Xtend’s cropping system, you can now use a residual herbicide containing the active ingredient Dicamba. With a 10- to 14-day soil residual activity (depending on the quantity applied), this herbicide has an earlier application window, allowing to reduce weed emergence and keep the field clean even longer. Such early weed control results in a significantly increased yield potential. This strategy can also be used with Xtend soybeans.

The latest on IP soybean weed management

June 10, 2020
You already know that weeds can be tough, and that they’re nothing but trouble when it comes to soybean production. But it’s important to remember that an upward trend in herbicide-resistant weeds has become a problem for many producers. So here’s an update on weed management.

Everything you need to know about soybean populations

May 26, 2020
Now that producers are almost finished or done seeding their soybeans, it's time to take a look at the emergence success, or the number of plants that emerged in relation to seeds planted. Here are some tips to help you get an optimal yield!

The importance of regularly verifying the condition of grain stored in silos

April 30, 2020
With spring weather that swings between snow flurries and blazing sun, stored grain is particularly vulnerable to the weather conditions. While the hatch doors are essential for ventilating the grain, they can also be an entry point for snow during big storms.

One Hundred Bushels per Acre: Reality or Fiction?

October 16, 2019
Maxime Gratton, Agr. and Alexandre Tessier, Agr., District Sales Managers At a field day we recently attended in Ontario, a researcher at one of the stations was telling us about his goal to achieve a yield target of 100 bushels (about 2.5 tonnes) per acre. To accomplish that, he is promoting intensive management based on an increased use of […]

From Lab Yields to Fields

October 16, 2019
Research at Prograin You have probably heard about our research centre located in Saint-Césaire and may even have visited it. On several occasions, we have referred to the state-of-the-art, high-performance tools used in laboratories. This time, we will go a little further and explain how the varieties of the coming years will meet your needs […]

Prograin Proudly Expands Its Sales Team With Two New Members in Western Canada

July 23, 2019
Prograin is proud to announce that Ted Moir and Shawn Rempel have joined the team as District Sales Managers for Western Canada. “We’re thrilled to be growing our sales department to provide the service directly to dealers,” said Alexandre Beaudoin, VP Sales and Marketing for Prograin. “Welcoming Shawn and Ted constitutes a key piece in […]

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