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Building Relationships to Change the World

July 8, 2021
As we move into the height of the 2021 growing season, Prograin is reflecting on the importance of our relationships across Canada.  Since our foundation in 1980, Prograin has expanded our roots throughout Eastern and Western Canada, but we haven’t forgotten where our roots began. We were founded by a family of farmers who value, above […]
Prograin : A Brief Look at Western Canadian Soybean Exports

Soybeans around the world: a brief look at western Canadian soybean exports

April 29, 2021
In the last few years, soybean popularity has increased drastically worldwide, and Prograin has been at the forefront of quality food grade soybean production and exportation, taking the lead in the North American market for conventional and organic soybean production and export. While many people are aware that Canada imports and exports food, they often […]

What happens to soybeans when frost occurs at the R6 stage?

April 14, 2021
Frost can affect soybean crops, depending on their stage of growth. The extent of the damage—either major or minor—will also vary with the length of time at which they are exposed to frost. In this article, our team briefly explains the effect of frost on soybeans at a specific growth stage: R6.  The impact of […]

Should soybeans be rolled?

April 14, 2021
Rolling soybeans is an agricultural practice that offers many benefits when performed at the right time and correctly, including increasing the maximum potential yield. In this article, our team provides information about rolling soybeans and shares some of the benefits associated with this technique, which is increasingly appealing to soybean growers.  What is rolling soybeans? […]

Early planted soybeans: some tips to find your way around

April 14, 2021
Planting soybeans ultra-early—from mid-April to the first days of May—carries some risks. However, this practice, which allows growers to extend the planting window to take advantage of good soil and weather conditions during this period can produce more than positive results when accompanied by proper precautions. In this article, our team shares some tips for […]

Growing the community one seed at a time

March 18, 2021
40 years ago, Prograin started out with a goal of giving back to the community.  Originating in Saint-Cesaire, Quebec, a small town of less than 6000 people, Prograin knows firsthand how important it is for everyone in a region to support each other. They also understand farmers’ vital role in providing the community with food […]
Seed planting

Is there an ideal planting depth for soybeans?

March 16, 2021
The issue of seed planting depth comes up every year with different information circulating in the industry. But does the depth at which you plant soybean seeds actually affect the yield?  Absolutely! Naturally, seed depth is important, especially since soybean seeds are more sensitive when sown too deeply. This is why it’s important to make […]
Britney Gilson, Western Canadian Research Coordinator

Local soybean research changing Prairie's future

February 23, 2021
While our Western Canadian growers and ambassadors are preparing for another promising growing season, our Western Canadian Research Coordinator, Britney Gilson, is getting ready for another year of field research. For Gilson, research is an integral part of the agriculture industry.“It means a lot to me,” she says, “having grown up on a farm, I […]

The different soybean growth stages

February 23, 2021
With the planting season coming up, we thought it would be a good time to share a simple guide on soybean growth stages! It is sure to come in handy this growing season. Germination begins when a soybean seed absorbs 50% of its weight in water. This is known as imbibition. Next up is the […]

The brown marmorated stink bug: what to expect for soybeans in 2021

February 5, 2021
Considered a new insect to Canada that will certainly be around for a while, the brown marmorated stink bug was first discovered in the Ontarian countryside in 2010. The first specimen was captured in Québec field crops more recently in 2014. Originally from Asia, this insect feeds mainly on fruit, vegetables and soybeans, and can […]

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